רוצה פרטים נוספים?
מלא את פרטייך ואחד מנציגנו יחזור אלייך בהקדם.

Caravan Tour offers a new, refreshing alternative for an all-purpose dream vacation. A caravan holiday enables you to take the "B&B" "or "room hotel" with you everywhere, with all the luxury. Do you like a particular site? Camp for the night. We offer a uniting, active, challenging vacation, allowing you to be anywhere, anytime, taking all amenities with you

Caravan Tour is pioneering in the field of in recreation and leisure travel in caravans. While caravan tourism is well-established worldwide, in Israel it is still making its baby-steps. In fact, a trailer vacation can utilize the "size advantage" of Israel – meaning shorter trips from one touristic site to another (unlike in the United States or Europe). A short drive can save money and valuable time for recreation. So why go far away to foreign countries and pay thousands of dollars? Let us make you an itinerary in Israel and surprise you with magical places that you haven't seen before, tracks, discount coupons to attractions, campgrounds, tourist attractions and restaurants.

The caravan is 4 m long and 2 m wide. It weighs 750 kg with a single axis and is dragged by any vehicle weighing 1 ton or more (i.e., almost all vehicles with tow hook). Our designing includes seating for 5 persons, a kitchenette (electric stove, sink, faucet, microwave, kettle, closets and kitchen utensils), air-conditioning, double bed, bunk bed, single bed, toilet, shower (hot water), TV, DVD, closet and storage compartments. Outside the caravan there is a shed (5X3 m), a table, four chairs, beach chairs, an external power connection and a mat. We also provide an electricity generator, BBQ/griller, a folding bed, a mattress, a gas grill, mountain bikes and children bikes.

The Blumenfeld family – Yael, Ben, Yarden, Alon and Grandpa Arie – joined forces to develop caravan tourism and recreation across the country. We do this using the many tools and experience accumulated in the fields of hospitality and leisure, interior design and architecture, tour guiding and love of country.

Caravan Tour is located near the beach in Haifa next to Hof Hacarmel train station, central bus station, the southern entrance to Haifa, and the Matam Industrial Park.

Caravan-tour: 050-2350370

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